"Co~o Despierta Boricua" Magazine

Coming Soon - 1st Quarter in 2019

It's about time we had a periodical tailored to South Florida's Puerto Rican community!  The magazine will feature the following:

1- Articles of interest to the community

2- Announcements of interest to the community

3- Directory of Organizations with contact information and descriptions.

4- Listing of Events by Social, Professional/Business, Youth/Students, and Civic Engagement.

5- Chisme and Chiste section (not real chismes)

6- "Organization Spotlight" (We take one organization and write a more detailed piece on it)

7- "Meet your Representatives and Influencers" section where we do a piece on a person that is either a political figure or an influencer in the community.

8-  Special Announcements and Coupons (tailored to the Puerto Rican Community).

9- Up and Coming articles

10- Feedback section

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